Project iota

Client: Automotive OEM

Need: To form CSM offshore CAE Team which will be able support Customer’s NVH Team by performing majority of their FE Modeling, NVH Analysis and Post-processing activities at CSM’s Offshore Design Centre.


  • CSM formed an offshore Team which included skilled engineers including graduate, post-graduate, and Doctoral degree holders with varied levels of experience
  • CSM NVH team supported Customer’s NVH department by performing FE Modeling, NVH Analysis and report preparation using CAE tools Hypermesh, Patran and Nastran
  • NVH CAE base line analysis of the full vehicle for various programs was carried out; the detailed study of Modal, VTF and NTF results, addressed with suitable counter-measures, resulted in the achievement of the set targets
  • NVH CAE reduced the number of actual design changes/choices from a manufacturing point-of-view to a minimum, and thereby reduced the cost and time in the process of a Full Vehicle buildup