Project iota

Client: Automotive OEM Need: To form CSM offshore CAE Team which will be able support Customer’s NVH Team by performing majority of their FE Modeling, NVH Analysis and Post-processing activities at CSM’s Offshore Design Centre. Outcome: CSM formed an offshore Team which included skilled engineers including graduate, post-graduate, and Doctoral degree holders with varied levels of […]

Project theta

Client: Tier 1 Supplier Need: CSM to set up a large dedicated Offshore Design Centre for an Automotive Tier I supplier CSM to be able to Support Tier I Supplier’s design centre in the area of Design and Development activities include CAD/CAE/CFD/IMDS Outcome: CSM successfully set up a large dedicated Offshore Design Center for an […]

Project eta

Client: Aerospace Tier I Supplier – Design Need: To setup an offshore CAD Team to support Structural Designing requirements for Primary and Secondary Structures, NMG creations, Conceptual, Preliminary Design and Final Design, Surface /Solid Modeling of parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies with engineering drawings at CSM Bangalore, India  Outcome:  Primary Structure CSM Design team supported Customer’s […]

Project stigma

Client: Aerospace Tier I Supplier – Analysis Need: CSM to set up an offshore analysis team for Aerospace Tier I supplier. CSM was required to provide support customer’s internal design team in CAD design and CAE Outcome: Primary Structure Structural validation to determine the reserve factor for inboard and outboard wing ribs comprising of vertical […]

Project epsilon

Client: Aerospace Domestic Supplier – Analysis Need: CAE analysis of gas turbine for various flight load conditions Outcome: Analysis of the Gas turbine engine for various flight loads was carried out for a Domestic customer, the details of which are as indicated below: Solid Meshing activities done using only hexahedral elements Integration of individual FE […]

Project delta

Client: Automotive OEM Need: CSM need to set up a large dedicated team which will be able to support their CAE department CSM was asked to generate FE Modeling and Assembling of Automotive components Outcome: CSM successfully set up a dedicated Offshore Team supporting different Customer Sub-Groups for FE Modeling activity CSM Team is working […]

Project beta

Client: Aerospace Tier I Supplier – Analysis Need: Pressure calculation using CFD Methods, mapping of pressure data from CFD calculation on Finite Element Model to compute stresses and deformations Outcome: Power Plants – Nacelle Case Study: Analysis of restrained fan cowl assembly  Engine nose cowl structural analysis was carried out; the salient features of the project […]