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We provide Engineering Services (for customers anywhere in the World), and Engineering Software Solutions (India market only).


Engineering Services

CSM's Engineering Services Division provides engineers to customers in engineering-heavy industries such as Automotive, and Aerospace.  In the Automotive industry, we currently serve original equipment manufacturers (OEM) as well as Tier 1 automotive component suppliers around the world, delivering our services in one of 3 variations: Offshore, Blended, or Onsite.


In the Offshore variation, the customer will liaise with our engineers sitting in our Bengaluru, India Global Headquarters.

In this scenario, the customer sends the requirements, and our Offshore Engineering Services team dedicated to the customer's account delivers the work accordingly, taking advantage of the labor cost and time zone advantages.


In the Blended variation, which is our preferred delivery mechanism, we typically have one (or more for larger organizations) Onsite Program Manager, directing our customer-dedicated Engineers, delivering on the customer's requirements remotely and securely.

The Program Manager serves as the liaison between the customer's human/engineering resources, and our Offshore engineers based in Bengaluru, India.


In the Onsite variation, we provide uniquely talented engineers meeting customers' specific requirements, and have them work in the customer's offices, serving as short/long-term extensions of the customer's own engineering team.

Engineering Software Solutions

Exclusively for the India market, we customize solutions leveraging engineering software from leaders such as MSC Software, Dassault Systemes, and VI-GRADE to meet the specific needs of engineers working for our customers.

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