Why Partner With Us?

Engineering Expertise

Our strong engineering “DNA” coupled with more than two decades of experience in the Computer Aided Engineering domain has equipped us with the expertise to solve complex engineering problems.  We have the unique distinction of having delivered in excess of 1.5 Million Hours of Engineering Services to our Customers.  Our Global Delivery Centre located in Bangalore, India is equipped with the Software and Computing Power capable of solving very large-sized engineering problems.  The high-speed communications infrastructure deployed provides the ability to connect with our customer's network, and enables real-time collaboration

Strong Execution Capabilities

We have successfully demonstrated our ability to seamlessly migrate and deploy customer processes and methods at our Global Delivery Centre located in Bangalore.  This translates into execution efficiencies which are in-line with our customers' requirements.  Our strong emphasis on knowledge management provides dependable support to our worldwide customers

Strong Management Team

Our CEO started with us in 1992, and helped grow the company to our current leadership position. Our CEO is ably assisted by two COOs managing the US and European Operations, the Vice Chair overseeing Financial Operations, the Vice President for Global Marketing, the Executive Vice President for Human Resources, and Associate VPs for Engineering Services and Technical Support. The entire senior management team has grown with CSM over the last decade

Over 23 Years of Experience

We have been in business since 1992, and several of our customers have stayed with us for over 11 years (and counting).  We have over 400 customers today, and we value both our new, and long-standing customers greatly!  Not akin to resting on our laurels, we have a world-class training facility to keep our engineers at the forefront of the latest technologies, which we also make available to our global customers via an online training platform


ISO 9001:2014 and AS 9100:2015 certified to assure our customers that we practice what we preach

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