Service Delivery

CSM has a large team of highly-qualified, experienced engineers delivering high quality engineering services support to our clients.

We offer three engagement models viz. Offshore, Blended, and Onsite, which can be fine-tuned to each customer's individual requirements and preferences.



In the Offshore model, the customer will liaise with our engineers engineers located at our Global Engineering delivery center in Bangalore, India.

In this scenario, the customer sends the requirements, and our Offshore Engineering Services team delivers the work accordingly, taking advantage time zone advantages.

CSM has successfully established and scaled up a dedicated offshore design center for one of our prestigious clients. This 24x7 center provides engineering support in the areas of CAD Design, CAE, and CFD for the customer’s engineering centers located across the globe, cutting across the time-zones.


In the Blended model we typically have one (or more for larger organizations) Onsite Program Manager, coordinating and managing our customer-dedicated Engineers, delivering on the customer's requirements remotely and securely.

The Program Manager serves as the liaison between the customer's human/engineering resources, and our Offshore engineers based in Bengaluru, India.


In the Onsite model, we provide highly skilled and experienced engineers meeting customers' specific requirements, and have them work in the customer's offices, serving as short/long-term extensions of the customer's own engineering team.

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