Manufacturing Engineering

BIW – Welding Fixture

BIW welding fixture design includes preparation of Process plans, Fixture construction, interference checking, redesigning interfering elements, final review and approval from customer, creation of manufacturing drawings and documentation according to the customer specific standards. We have executed projects on complete design of Welding & Assembly Lines for various car parts like Underbody, Closures, Roof, Body sides, Framing, etc. We have experience in Process planning, Design, Simulation, creation of Manufacturing drawings and Pneumatic and sequence diagrams. Also, we have handled Large Welding line and Assembly line projects for various Tier1 Line builders. Design activities are carried out using CATIA, Unigraphics & FIDES and Simulation activities carried out using ROBCAD/Process Simulate.

Process Planning

  • System Layouts
  • Cycle time Calculation
  • Weld Points Study & Weld Gun Selection
  • Weld Spot Distribution
  • Car Part Process Flow Study - Part Build-ups
  • Clamping Plan
  • Pneumatic Design
  • Sensor Layout Design
  • Documentation of the Process

Design & 2D Detailing

  • Pre-production Fixtures
  • Robotic Line Welding Fixture
  • Manual Line Welding Fixture
  • Geometric Stations
  • Re-Spot Fixtures
  • Checking Fixtures
  • Material Handling Grippers
  • Combo Grippers
  • Geo Gripper
  • Loading and Passing Tables
  • Pedestal, Gripper, Gluing Stand
  • Clamp Unit & Gripper Validation
  • Manufacturing Drawings
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Flame Cut Drawings
  • DXF / PDF / STEP / IGES Outputs


  • Process Validation
  • Selected Weld Gun Study
  • Robot Reachability Check
  • Fine-tuning of the Placement for Fixture
  • Process Path Creation Offline Programming

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