Industry Verticals

CSM’s engineering services division is one of the core business units of the company. We specialize in providing end-to-end engineering services to organizations. We’ve always focused on increasing value to your businesses through our quality services, combined with our in-depth expertise on CAD, CAE and CFD.
The ever-increasing customer needs, demand for innovation and continuously reducing time to market is forcing companies to partner with a leader who can understand the needs and has the technology and domain skills. Our domain expertise, credibility of having dealt with various projects and the latest technology in place can help you improve processes and productivity in your organization.
CSM’s range of experience in engineering services for the automotive & aerospace segment has helped clients immensely in implementing innovation and improving performance. We also enjoy the status of having some of the industry leaders as our clients. Our engineering services ranges from design, analysis, virtual prototyping & testing, digital manufacturing & many more.


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